Spending on Education

Building and customising a table on education spending in the US, using the gt package.

Daniel Johnston

Paying tribute to songwriter Daniel Johnston with a visualisation of his most covered songs, featuring the rvest and tidyverse packages.

Soviet Space Dogs (Part 2)

Visualising data on the Soviet Space Dog Missions, with annotation using the ggforce and ggtext packages.

Soviet Space Dogs (Part 1)

Cleaning and tidying data on the Soviet Space Dog Missions using the tidyr, janitor and lubridate packages.

Free R Resources

Creating a web app of free R reading material online, using the shiny and DT packages. And finally getting to grips with Github!

Anime Movie Ratings

Customising graphs with non-default fonts and palettes, using the extrafont and paletteer packages.

Shiny Contest 2019

Some thoughts upon winning the award for 'Best Design' in the inaugural Shiny Contest!

69 Love Songs

Building an interactive web app to explore the lyrics to '69 Love Songs' by the Magnetic Fields, using the tidytext and Shiny packages.

The FA Cup

Scraping and wrangling data from Wikipedia, using the rvest and tidyverse packages.

Wes Anderson

Visualising the actor network of Wes Anderson films, using the tidygraph, ggraph and wesanderson packages.

Tidy Tuesday

Making the world less messy, one tidy dataset at a time.

Happy Days

Charting the lifecycle of the hit TV show 'Happy Days' and the birth of the TV phenomenon of 'Jumping the Shark', using the ggplot2 package.

Album artwork with ggplot2

Recreating the cover to Silver Jews' 1998 album American Water, using the ggplot2 package.


Animating graphs from Hans Rosling's Factfulness, using the gganimate package.

First Blog Post

Or, how the hell do I make a blog, this is all new to me?! Blogdown, will you help me?